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Why do people choose us

Small classes

The Secret to our success is individual attention to our students. Small Groups lead to excellence
  • 6 to 7 students per batch
  • Individual attention
  • Rapport with parents
  • Oversize batches can easily ignore your personal taste.


Our core focus is on teaching essential techniques that results in outstanding artwork
  • Aids knowledge of Art elements & principles.
  • True joy of creation
  • Identify good art
  • Without knowing fundamentals, you will be just coping!

Handling mediums

We build your confidence by letting you experiment with Watercolour, Charcoal, Gauche, Acrylic and many more.
  • Builds confidence
  • Promotes developing individual style
  • Mix media may make your artwork impressive
  • Immature outcomes can’t be concealed

Introduction to Artists

We help you develop your own style and also get you ready for high school/ University projects.
  • Best to Know history and Masters
  • True source of inspiration
  • Helps in school curriculum
  • We don’t trust in taking superficial approach

Save $ 100

Use creative kids voucher
  • Opportunity to try your hand in art
  • NSW residents receive one voucher per year
  • Login to ServiceNSW
  • Haven’t used your voucher yet?

Art Auctions

We fetch every opportunity to present your art.
  • Sale your artworks
  • Boost your child’s confidence
  • Contribute towards charity
  • What’s the use of that knowledge which can’t generate $$$