Terms & Conditions

Registration forms should be filled out along with payment on the day of enrolment. Enrolments are taken throughout the year.

Course Cancellation:
A course or a workshop can be cancelled due to insufficient student numbers. If this happens students will be notified and offered a choice of enrolment in a similar course or given full refund.

Course Withdrawals:
In other circumstances if you choose not to attend the class you are enrolled in, your fees will be held in credit against a future class. Fees are non-refundable unless negotiated for compassionate grounds.

Students can withdraw at any stage. Written notification of minimum TWO WEEKS NOTICE in advance must be provided. Continued absence is not classified as withdrawal. Credit for unused lessons (from the date of notification) will be refunded, less an administration fee. Refunds will not be provided for withdrawals after September end.

Make Up Class:

There are no refunds if you miss a class.
Students who miss a class are not “entitled” to a class. However, if space is available in a suitable class we do offer students another class at same or other location. This may not always be possible due to number of seats allocated in each class. ONLY ONE class can be a make up per term.

It is the parent’s responsibility to escort children to and from the premises promptly.

Students with a specific medical condition or allergy should notify us on enrolment. We expect you to declare all the true information in registration form.

In case of emergency, we may call ambulance where the cost to be paid by participant or parents/guardian.

We respect your privacy. Any information you give to Innova Creations will be held with the utmost care, and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to.