What is Innova creation?

Innova creations is an art institute having strong roots going back to culturally rich India. Prof. Chhaya Khulge and freelance artist Raju Khulge laid the Foundation of Innova Creations in 1980. Over the years, hundreds of students explored their artistic skills at Innova.

Dr. Ila, daughter of founders, was always involved in all art activities in the studio and tried her hands with mum n dad. Ila was privileged to get an opportunity to spend time with exceptionally talented artists visiting their studio and gaining a profound understanding of the ways art world works.

While pursuing doctorate in Textile Designing, Ila did major contribution to formalise the training courses at Innova Creations. With lot of research and years of experience Innova creations now offers variety of courses which are delivered in the most effective way.

Now Dr.Ila paints across all genres and has special interest in experimenting with textures and colors. She has exhibited in many group shows and won prestigious awards throughout her career.
Ila’s passion in teaching, love for art and enthusiasm can be experienced right in the first meeting. She has gained remarkable popularity among her students and local community.

  • Ila is a great teacher, never fails to inspire me every class. I appreciate her skills to consistently guide students through ‘innovative’ projects- as the name suggests!

    Devika Naik
  • We had Art Party arranged by Innova Creations. Parents and participants were stunned to see the finished product. Thanks for all golden memories.

    Ammu Kameshwari
  • My little son looks forward to art class every week. Miss. Ila is a great teacher

    Yaz Napoli
  • Innova Creations is absolutely great place for everyone to learn and develop art skills. My daughter won a prestigious Young Australian Art Award just at age of 12. Thanks Ila for your guidance.

    Pratibha Shingavi
  • My son taking coaching at Innova over two years. I could see remarkable progress in his drawing, handwriting and creativity. He also won NSW level Art completion and participated in number of Art Exhibitions, thanks for the opportunity Dr. ila.

    Kanchan Bharambe
  • Thank you so much Ila for this wonderful workshop. Really appreciate your creativity and teaching skills. Workshop was exceptionally well organised, full of new techniques.

    Tanuja Kundap
  • Dr. Ila, many  thanks for bringing out the best in my son. You are his favourite teacher! Looking forward for great creative projects under your guidance.

    Samir Shroff
  • My two little artists are following their dreams under the guidance of Miss. Ila. Its absolutely amazing to be at Innova. I recommend Innova to all parents

    Priya Gupata
  • My daughter won 2017 US State Fish Art competition. Miss. Ila took tremendous efforts to submit the entries to competition.

    Priya Gupta

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