Training For Kids

Why should I train my child in visual arts?

Did you know that kids who are exposed to a wide variety of arts and crafts are more likely to have measurable success later in life? Completing little art projects not only builds their confidence but also develops strong problem solving skills and trains them to think ‘out of box’.Reference: Michigan State University

Art is beneficial to other academic subjects. Art activities refreshes a student’s mind resulting in better cognitive performance in other subjects.

Painting is a great way of communication and expression for kids.

Art and craft develops skills such as observation, visual thinking, and the ability to recognise and formulate patterns. They develop habits of thought and action that include practising, persevering, and trial-and-error or problem solving.

Reference: Educational Leadership

At Innova creations

We consistently get positive feedback from parents. We specially hear about improvement in handwriting, concentration, neatness and creativity. For testimonials visit us on Facebook

Our students get the opportunity to participate in group shows and Art exhibitions. We prepare them for various competitions generating confidence and preparing children for challenges in life.

A number of our students have won prestigious awards on national and International NSW level competitions. Visit News and Blog section for further details.